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Friends Bios


My name is Rose. I'm 22 years old. My measurements: 5ft. 2in., 135 lbs., 38-28-38, Shoe Size - 7 1/2


Clubbing and traveling: Nothing better than sitting in a cozy café and seducing men or walking on a nudist beach and watching the glances full of desire! Well, maybe there's one better thing - cock sucking and footjob!


I'm Liz. I'm 26. I'm 5ft. 6in. tall. I weigh 130 lbs. Shoe size - 8. I love erotic drawings. Even try to express my own fantasies in that way. Though it seems that I'm better at expressing my fantasies as a model!


My name is Patricia. I am 23 years old. My measurements: 5ft. 6in., 140 lbs., 38-29-37,

I am Monique's friend from high school. She managed to talk me into being her model. I promised her that if I received nice feedback I would appear many times on her website! Please tell me what you think about me and weather you want me to be here as a frequent guest!


  • Food - All kinds of sweets!

  • Drink - Cocoa

  • Color - Purple

  • Perfume - Paco Rabanne

  • Music - Brazilian

  • Zodiac - Virgo

  • Hobby - Capoeira (An Afro-Brazilian dance form that incorporates self-defense maneuvers.)

  • Ambitions - To make my friends happy and my enemies - miserable!

  • Weakness - Sweets and sweet... men

  • Sexual Orientation - Usually men but...

  • Sexual Position - Missionary and Doggie Style!

  • Shoe Size - 8


Hi! I'm Joy. I am 25. I'm a very small person: 4ft. 9in. and my shoe size is only 5. Finding nice shoes can be trouble :)

I have no experience in being a model. It's Monique who talked me into it. So please tell me how I'm doing. I'm waiting for your requests and comments.


  • Food - meat in every possible way. I couldn't become a Vegetarian!

  • Drink - gin & tonic

  • Color - black

  • Perfume - Cindy Crawford

  • Music - techno

  • Zodiac - Aquarius

  • Hobby - dancing - I'm a party animal!

  • Ambitions - to catch every moment of my life

  • Weakness - too many to list

  • Sexual Orientation - apart from liking Monique :) - men probably

  • Sexual Position - foot job, shoe jobs and riding; seems I'm quite dominant

E-mail me at:


My name is Jenny. I am 23 years old. My measurements: 5ft. 4in., 143 lbs., 37-30-38, Shoe Size - 8


Shopping and even more: expensive shopping! I simply love buying lingerie and perfumes!

I love cooking and the real problem is that I love eating even more...

Fortunately there's another thing I love: sex. And I've heard one can loose quite a number of calories that way. Must try it more often.


My name is Jude. I am 30 years old. I am a professional escort, but as every woman, I love being a model. That is why I am here. I hope you will welcome me warmly here! :)


  • Rich men! I love to keep them company in bed but even more - in exclusive department stores!

  • There are 3 things I love in the morning: cigarettes, coffee & sex. The sequence depends on the quality of each pleasure!

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I am waiting for your special requests, comments and suggestions. To e-mail me please CLICK HERE

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